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Sell a house Alpharetta Ga When selling a house in Alpharetta Ga is your goal, you count on with the Professional real estate team in Alpharetta ga

Sell a house Alpharetta Ga

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When selling a house in Alpharetta Ga

Sell your home effortless with “Home Icon Realty”

Let’s find the best method of selling for you.

In order to make it easier for you to sell, buy, and move on the terms that are most convenient for you, we have formed partnerships with businesses that provide alternative options.

Explore the selling options

Selling with the guidance of a real estate professional can help you sell for more.

  • Help maximize your sale profit by selling on the open market.
  • Our agent matching service uses a unique algorithm to match you with the right agent for you.
  • Local expertise, your agent will explore all potential selling options to build a custom marketing and pricing plan based on current local market conditions.
  • Our partners provide competitive cash offers so you can skip the listing process and manage your sale entirely online. Choose your close date to avoid double-moves and floating two mortgages.
  • Sell confidently with an instant cash offer.
  • Sell on your schedule with the ability to choose your close date.
  • Skip the home showings and prep work.
  • Access cash upfront in exchange for a share in your home’s value.
  • Use the funding to pay off debt, pay down your mortgage, or renovate your home. There are no prepayment penalties if you’d like to exit sooner.
  • Choose to sell, refinance, or buy out your home when the agreement ends.
  • Get the certainty of buying your new home first, then sell your old one.
  • Help win the new home you want with a competitive offer that is not contingent on the sale of your current home—before your current home is even listed.
  • Live conveniently in your new home while prepping your old one for sale, and skip living through repairs and showings.
  • Help maximize your profits by getting your old homebuyer-ready before you sell it
  • Get the liquidity of a traditional home sale without having to move. Stay in your home to help give you the time and flexibility to plan your next move.
  • Use your home equity without hard credit restrictions to help pay off bills, towards a down payment on your next home, or whatever best suits your situation.
  • Leverage personalized solutions to help solve your financial needs and move on your timeline.
  • Unlock your home’s value while continuing to live in your home as a renter with the option to buy it back, or move to a new home.*
  • Sell in any condition
  • Sell your home as it stands, regardless of its condition or financial status. This option can allow you to sell within days even if your property is damaged, facing foreclosure, or in need of significant updates.
  • Fast cash to put towards your home purchase or pay off debt.
  • Sell your home as is, even if there’s lots of work needed.
  • Offload the burden of extensive repairs or renovations.
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Why sell traditionally

  • Potential for bidding wars
  • Access to local market expertise
  • Get help negotiating and reviewing offers
  • Navigate a stressful process with a dedicated guide
  • If you’re not ready to sell, see if you can save money every month by refinancing with Home Icon Realty. You get competitive rates from a lender you can trust, and loan options suited to your unique needs.
  • Get in touch with us today. Your dedicated team member is ready to assist with your real estate needs..

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